Call for Policy Papers and participation at the EU-India Experts’ Workshop

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Call for short Policy Papers and participation at the EU-India Experts’ Workshop on 03/11/2020

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Published on
18 August 2020


EU Policy and Outreach Partnerships project (EUPOP India), funded by the European Union, invites EU / Indian experts to submit policy papers for peer review and discussion at the EU India-Think Tanks Twinning Initiative (TTTI) Experts’ Workshop to be held on 03 November 2020.

Experts from think tanks, universities, political foundations etc are invited to draft policy papers of 1500 words on any one of the following topics related to EU-India strategic partnership:

  1. Opportunities for enhanced cooperation between the EU and India in the international fora (e.g. in WTO/UN/WHO/etc.)
  2. EU-India cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region
  3. EU-India cooperation on one of core sectoral issues (e.g. addressing challenges related to climate change, or health, or digitalization, or connectivity, etc.)

Last date for paper submissions is 01 Oct 2020. Ten best papers will receive €1000 each.

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Below is a list of various questions received in response to the above-mentioned Call published on 18.08.2020 and answers provided by the project team as on date (28.09.2020). These questions and answers are being published for the general information and reference of all potential applicants. This document may be further updated if more questions are received and answers provided in the coming days before the expiry of the deadline for submission of the paper which is 01 October 2020.