EU-India Relations - Changing the Game? - IAI and Gateway House

EU-India Relations: Changing the Game?

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EU-India Relations: Changing the Game?

EU India Relations changing the game?

Event date
12 October 2017

Event location
Rome, Italy

EU-India Relations changing the game? - Relations between the European Union and India have been growing in quantity and quality in the last years, while ties between Delhi and Rome are enjoying a new start. The 14th EU-India Summit, taking place in Delhi at the beginning of October, reaffirm the will to strengthen the strategic partnership. What is the future prospect of the India-EU/Italy partnership? Which challenges, and opportunities, will define the relationship in the next years? The workshop will address these issue and present the book “Moving Forward EU-India Relations. The Significance of the Security Dialogues”. The book is the output of a project led by the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) in partnership with the Mumbai-based Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations (GH).